David Austin Roses

One of our foremost British rose producers has to be David Austin, winner of eighteen gold medals at the Chelsea Flower shows over the years. Many of his roses have attained celebrity status they are so well known, e.g. Gertrude Jekyll – a gorgeous strongly fragrant rich pink old English hybrid, voted the nation’s favourite in 2006, Graham Thomas- voted World favourite by 41 National Rose Societies, it is a rich pure yellow with Tea rose fragrance.

To look through his catalogue is to delve into a treasure trove of colours and scents that are the essence of summer. Who can resist these descriptions.....’delicious fragrance with a fruity note reminiscent of guava and sweet white wine’....’sauterne wine and strawberry’.......’lemon and raspberry’.........’pure clove with hints of watercress and cucumber’........and perhaps my favourite, ‘chrysanthemum leaves, ripe banana and tea’. Munstead Wood is described as ‘warm and fruity with blackberry, blueberry and damson notes’.

There are plenty of reasons to have a shrub rose or two in your garden. The English shrub rose is well adapted to our weather, coping well with winter cold, and is more disease resistant the Hybrid Tea rose. The foliage and form of the plant offer more year round interest, particularly as pruning is not as radical as for Hybrid Tea roses.
They mix well with other shrubs and need not be segregated from the rest of the garden. Long flowering and ideal for flower arranging. The multi petalled flowers can be enjoyed to the full when examined closely in a vase.
I think many of the troubles of the day can be put to rights whilst absorbing the colour and scent of these roses.