Autumn is the ideal time to plant trees, shrubs and roses.  The soil is still warm from the summer
and autumn rain provides welcome moisture to settle in new roots.  By the time the growing season commences in March/April, roots will have made some growth.

Guidance for planting

Roses need 4-6 hours of sunshine per day, with morning sun being beneficial in preventing moisture sitting on the leaves, leading to fungal problems such as Black spot and Powdery Mildew.

Good drainage is important – no roses will thrive in boggy ground.  If the ground is very wet, consider creating a raised bed to grow them in.

Add plenty of organic matter, especially to sand or chalk based soils.

We recommend the use of mycorrhizal fungi ‘Rootgrow’, which should be placed in the base of the hole so that it is in contact with the rose roots, for best results.  Rootgrow has proven effective in establishing roses where there are replant issues, i.e. where roses have been growing for many years.  It also helps roses cope with drought.

The hole should be approx 60cm/2ft deep and wide.  Loosen the soil on the floor and walls of the hole, before adding organic matter and bonemeal.  Do not plant roses too closely- 50-75cm/20-30” apart allows air circulation (discouraging fungal diseases) and access for pruning.

Position the rose with its best side facing the property.  Use a garden cane inserted next to the stem to assess depth.  The graft union, where the cultivar joins the rootstock – a thickened area of stem, should be at soil level, not below.

Back fill the hole with pre-mixed soil and organic matter, firming in gently.  Establishment will be further aided if a mulch of chipped bark is applied to keep moisture in and suppress weeds.  This is also recommended on well drained soils such as sand or chalk.

Recommended varieties have the RHS Award of Garden Merit (trophy symbol).  This shows that they have been trialled and approved as good garden plants.

Some roses in this category include – Absolutely Fabulous,   Arthur Bell, Champagne Moment, Joie de Vivre, Peace, Rhapsody in Blue and Super Trouper.

We stock David Austin roses as well as a good range of Hybrid Tea, floribunda and patio roses. 

Next batch of roses is likely to come in January 2015.