When away from home, you don’t want to be worrying about your garden. Instead be assured that your garden will be watered and you will come home to plants still thriving and healthy.

For your houseplants:

Your houseplants won’t dry out as fast as your outdoor plants, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of them before going away. Place your houseplants in a cooler room and remove plants from bright windows, this will reduce the risk of your plants from drying out. And don't forget to give them a long drink just before you leave. To keep your houseplants watered while away, we recommend the Hozelock Aquasolo watering cones. 

For your outdoor plants:

Outdoor potted plants will typically dry out faster than your house plants, so make sure they receive thorough watering before you leave. If possible, try to move your pots to a position where they will not be in constant direct sunlight to help decrease water usage. To keep your garden plants watered while away, we recommend using the Hozelock Aquasolo watering cones, or use a timed irrigation system to keep your whole garden watered. 


Ensure your plants recieve enough water while you are away:

 A great way to keep your plants watered while you are away, without relying on a friend or neighbour is to use watering cones. 

Hozelock Aquasolo is a simple to use watering cone that will keep your plants watered while you are away.

Aquasolo is a ceramic cone that releases water into your plant according to its needs. Simply fill a plastic bottle with water (even add some liquid feed) and attach to the cone. The ceramic cone will slowly release the water into the compost, watering your plant according to its needs.

Tip: for easy refilling, cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle so you can refill without removing it from the soil. 

 Available in two sizes:

  • Small - fits pots up to 25cm diameter
  • Medium - fits pots between 30-40cm diameter

Pack of 1: £4.99

Pack of 4: £14.99



Alternatively, an automatic watering system may be more suitable your garden, or for gardeners who wish for a watering solution they can rely on all year round.

The Gardena Starter Set 25m is an automatic micro-drip-system for watering of rows of plants. Watering plant rows 25m with a frequency choice of daily, every 2nd/3rd/7th day. Simply set up the micro-drip-system and program into the water computer how often you want your plants to be watered.

Leave home knowing your plants will be regularly watered. 

 This starter set contains:

  • 1 water computer EasyControl
  • 1 master unit 1000
  • 25m irrigation line
  • 15 pipe pegs
  • 1 plug



Gardena Water Computer EasyControl

If you already have an irrigation set up, but it hasn’t been programmed to turn on at certain times then you can purchase the Gardena Water Computer EasyControl individually. With the Water Computer you can set to water your plants for any time between 2 minutes and 1 hour, with a frequency of every 24 hours or every 2nd/3rd/7th day. Connect the water computer directly to the tap to reliably control your irrigation system.