Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Here at Woodlands Garden Centre we have been selling Christmas trees for over 35 years and pride ourselves on their quality. This is why we only selling the best A grade quality that we can get from the best growers. They cut the trees late so less moisture is lost, pack them as late as possible so they don’t get squashed and when we receive them we make sure they are stored standing to keep the great shape. We have one of the largest selections of Christmas trees in Kent, including Nordmann ‘non-drop’ and the traditional green Norway Spruce. The Nordmann trees have a beautiful shape, wonderful smell, and excellent needle retention. We have sizes from small potted 3ft trees up to massive 20ft trees.


How do I know I will get a nice shape tree?

We only sell top quality A grade trees and always select the best shape and size for our customers. The last thing we want is for our customers to be unhappy with there tree! We have a large customer base who always come back year after year to buy there Christmas tree.

Do you sell non drop Christmas trees?

There is no such thing as a non drop Christmas tree, as all trees drop their needles eventually. The Nordman Fir Christmas trees are reduced needle drop, which means they have better water retention so keep there needles longer. But they do need to be kept well watered for this to happen.

What kind of tree should I get?

It’s really down to personal preference. Some prefer the soft needles and shape of Nordman Firs, others like the traditional scent, shape and interesting colours of Norway Spruce. Nordmann Fir are the trees with soft foliage and a greater needle retention so they drop less needles. Norway Spruce are the more traditional looking Victorian Christmas tree.

How big should my tree be?

It really depends on the space and ceiling height available. Before selecting your tree, be sure to measure the area in your room carefully to determine how tall and wide it can be, then check your tree measurements before buying it. Don’t trim or cut a tree, instead buy one the right size and shape.

How long will my Christmas tree last?

This is a very good question. Christmas trees need looking after, and they drink a lot of water. But a freshly cut tree, kept well supplied with water, will last over a month. All our trees are cut late so less moisture is lost and to insure they last as long as possible. Be aware that when you move your tree into your home for the first time it will begin to lose needles as it dry’s out but this is perfectly normal.

What do I do with my tree when I get home?

The most important thing should be putting your tree in water. If your not going to decorate your tree straight away, leave your tree outside until you are ready to move it indoors. Depending on the type of stand you might need to trim off some of the lower branches on the tree and cut some of the trunk.

How much water does my tree need?

Quite a lot! When you first bring your tree indoors it can drink 4 litres or more of water per day. The best thing to do is check the stand several times over the first few days, then at least once a day after that. Never allow the water to run out.

Where should I put my Christmas tree?

Put it where you want it! But, to make your tree last longer and to keep it looking healthy don’t put it too near radiators, fireplaces, and drafts.

What should I do with my tree after Christmas?

There are a couple of options;

We offer a collection service at a small cost.
You can bring it into us and we will dispose of it.
Many local councils offer a free collection service

How are your trees measured?

A Christmas tree is measured from the base of the trunk to the very top (the highest point). The width is measured across the widest part of the tree.

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