Planting / Spring into Action: Plants to Add to Your Garden Now!

Spring has sprung (or is about to!), and with it comes the urge to get out in the garden and get planting! But what exactly should you be putting in the ground right now? Fear not, fellow plant enthusiasts, because this blog is here to guide you.

For the Flower Power:

  • Pansies & Violas: These cheerful blooms come in a vibrant array of colours and tolerate cooler spring temperatures.
  • Sweet Peas: Sow these fragrant climbers now for a summer display of colourful flowers.
  • Foxgloves: These majestic plants add height and drama to your borders, with blooms appearing in early summer.

For the Veggies:

  • Broad Beans & Peas: Get a head start on your veggie patch by planting these nitrogen-fixing wonders now.
  • Salad Greens: Enjoy a fresh harvest all summer long by sowing lettuce, spinach, and rocket directly outdoors.
  • Early Potatoes: Who doesn’t love new potatoes? Plant chitted seed potatoes (potatoes with little green shoots) for an early summer harvest.

Don’t Forget the Herbs:

  • Parsley, Chives, and Coriander: These culinary delights can be sown directly outdoors and will add fresh flavour to your summer dishes.
  • Mint: Plant mint in a pot to keep it contained, as it’s a vigorous grower.

Top Tip: Remember to check the specific needs of each plant you choose. Some may prefer full sun, while others might thrive in shadier areas.

With a little planning and these ideas, you can ensure your garden bursts into life this spring! So grab your gardening gloves, head outdoors, and get planting!

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